Friday, July 6, 2012

Who Made The Best Startups List in 2011?

Best Startups in 2011

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Let's get inspired and ready to conquer the world with our startup business ideas. If you need to be motivated with seeing others make it happen and in a big way, check out the list of the 20 Best Startups in 2011. 

The Business Insider had the list of the best of 2011 below:

Simple (formerly called BankSimple)  wants to merge all accounts into one and do away with fees by splitting the net interest between all of the banks involved. It's partnering with Visa to create one, ultimate credit card that connects to all of its partner banks and 40,000 fee-free ATMs
Lytro is the first light field camera that allows you to "shoot now and focus later." Here's how it works: 1) Take a picture 2) Upload it 3) Click on a blurry section that you'd like to highlight 4) Watch the image instantly shift focus from 2D to 3D.

Betterworks is an employee rewards network for small businesses. Instead of having to scout out great deals for employees, small businesses and startups can use BetterWorks to offer their staff deals at local gyms, restaurants and more.

Zaarly is a local marketplace for real-time requests. Need chips at your party in five minutes? Find a neighbor on Zaarly who will do it now. Think Craigslist meets Twitter. is a way to listen to music online with groups of people. Users can join chat rooms and battle to become a DJ in a socially-integrated experience.
Oink is a recommendation app that lets you rate items at the venues you visit, like hamburgers and coffees.
General Assembly is a school for entrepreneurs with courses taught by the community and cheap desks to rent office space.

In order to compete with these few startups, you will need a business plan and portfolio done professionally.

Read about the others that are already successful and growing as we speak HERE


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