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Entrepreneur Freedom: How To Manage Your Free Time Wisely and Successfully

 Entrepreneur Freedom: How To Manage Your Free Time Wisely and Successfully

Susan Strayer for Young Entrepreneur Council has some great information for those of us who need to manage their entrepreneur freedom. Don't take this advice lightly. To be successful at any business, even the free time you gain, needs to be used wisely for your business.

Read more to find out why and hear her story:

This isn’t my first entrepreneurial rodeo. I started my first business in the early 2000s, before I was lured back into corporate America and all its fancy resources, stability and brand names. But after five years of the so-called stability, I was ready for that freedom again—freedom to tweet, to travel and ideate. Freedom to speak as I saw fit, to work where I wanted and to manage my own time. That’s just not possible in corporate America.

I get it—there are brands and images to protect, a voice to maintain. But I’m from Philadelphia, and we’re just not quiet people.

Unfortunately, another run at entrepreneurship came with an unexpected freedom—freedom from focus. All this newfound freedom meant zero accountability to anyone but myself. Before I knew it, I was spending more time tweeting than consulting, more time having coffee than getting new business. As an entrepreneur, freedom must be managed properly and use it for true business productivity. Here are four key ways to do just that:
  1. Avoid the downtime spiral. No more commute. No more required 9 to 5. No more endless executive approval meetings. It’s amazing how your calendar opens up! But it’s also easy to fill because initially, you have the perception of having more downtime (at least until you really get the business cooking). All of that flexibility means you can visit Mom and Dad during the week, or extend that weekend by an extra day. But it also means you quickly turn well-deserved downtime into wasted time. Instead, schedule your downtime in a way that works for you...
  2. Use travel time wisely. Now that I’m not chained to a desk in a building on the other side of town, it’s easy for me to go anywhere for lunch or a meeting. Because of that, I often found myself spending more time in the car or on the subway than I did when I had a long commute to my corporate gig. I always offered to go to the person directly instead of meeting somewhere in between. Though there are cases where it’s appropriate and imperative to make that sacrifice, don’t always be the one to travel to an appointment...
  3. Be social with a purpose. As an entrepreneur, you can now use that limitless voice as loud and as often as you want. But it’s so easy to get sucked into a long Facebook conversation with a fellow entrepreneur, or join every live Twitter chat your industry has to offer. Stop. Instead, be purposeful with your time on social media...
  4. Be free from being an entrepreneur. While entrepreneurs are famous for living and breathing their businesses 24/7, there’s real value in stepping away, even if only briefly. I found that stepping away into something completely different is the best way to refocus.... Source
Susan Strayer gave some great information on managing your entrepreneur time. We can all use this knowledge to better our lives surrounding our business life.

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