Based in Columbia South Carolina, IWRITE & Company was founded in 2012 by Ronda R. Jett.

IWRITE & Company is dedicated to providing business consulting services for new and existing businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success. IWRITE works with clients to develop concrete, practical, short term and long term action plans that will move their business in the right direction.

IWRITE & Company offers business consulting services. These services are: business plans, marketing plans, resumes, cover letters, mailing list compilation services, manuscript editing, website/web promoting, Powerpoint presentations, branding, design, printing, publishing, writing, editing, etc.

Our Mission

IWRITE believes that by integrating the importance of READING and WRITING in every individual will enhance their skills throughout life, regardless of age. IWRITE also believes that WRITING opens the pathway of imagery, and READING increases knowledge. Collectively, they produce a vibrant world of imagination. Ultimately, we are striving for every individual to know that they can “Overcome obstacles with excellence”.


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