IWRITE & Company has provided many services for our clients. Below are just a few samples of work we have done from our portfolio.

Anniversary Programs


Branding Services

Pablo Fernandez, Owner of Maxzenco and product, Tattoocyn Forte, UK London
Services provided by IWRITE: Branding services for product, color scheme, lettering, content writing, packaging, etc. Mr. Pablo has successfully launched his product to celebrities, singers and performers like Rihanna, Chris Brown and customers worldwide. Mr. Fernandez owns several tattoo shops in London, England and is looking forward to selling his product and opening shops in the U.S.



Business Plans

Services provided by IWRITE: Business Plan writing services, RFP proposal writing. LED World presented their business plan to investors and received funding for an undisclosed amount. They now have a business partner and opened a location for operation.

Services provided by IWRITE were: Business consulting services were to register business with institutions for federal and state contracts: SAMS, Fed Biz Ops, SCBO; registered business for a DUNS number, and Business Plan writing. IWRITE helped and achieved locating a lender for Big Ben's for start-up costs, equipment, etc.

Information Cards



Printing for Businesses

Brochures, Business Cards, Welcome Letters, and Newsletters, etc.

Dr. Florene Fulks, Pastor of Only God’s Word Christian Church, SC
Services provided by IWRITE: Printing and Design services for brochures, letterheads, business cards, weekly church bulletins, biography and information cards.

Other services provided were content writing for brochures, letterheads, business cards, weekly church bulletins, biography, and information cards.

Online Layaway Services

Services provided by IWRITE: Printing and Design services of brochures, letterheads, business cards, newsletters. Other services provided were content writing for Weekly/Email newsletters, Business Plan, Terms & Conditions, Blog Design, blog set up and SEO for blog, website and social media. 

Grant Writing

IWRITE & Company has written several proposals for non-profit organizations seeking funding for programs, renovations, and start-up costs. Some of client’ businesses were:

·         Churches
·         Church programs
·         Counseling centers
·         Historical black businesses
·         After school programs
·         Children foster homes
·         Daycares and more.

We have written many grants for our clients and most have been successfully approved for an undisclosed amount.

RFP Writing and Bidding for Businesses

We have written proposals for many companies in SC, NC, and GA for RFP, RFQ, Fixed Bids, and Sealed Bids. Some of these clients have been awarded in business categories as:

·         Logging
·         LED lighting
·         Printing
·         Business services and more

We have written many RFP proposals for our clients and most of them have successfully been approved and/or added to qualified providers lists for services.


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