Individual Portfolio    
Includes: photos & content                                               
   1-10 pgs: $250                                                                    
   10-20 pgs:$300                                                               
   20-50 pgs:$350                                                                    
   50-70 pgs:$400                                                                    
   70-100 pgs:$450                                                                  
   100 pgs & up:$500-$1,500
Corporate Portfolio
  Includes: photos & content                                                    
  5-20 pgs: $300                                                                         
  20-40 pgs: $350                                                                       
  40-60 pgs: $400
  60-80 pgs: $500                                                                      
  80-100 pgs $550
  100 pgs & up: $600-$2,500

Rebranding Package

 New logo- New market
 New product/services –Social media presence
 Search engine presence, Total -$1500

Video Production
  PowerPoint Presentation: $450


Call for pricing

Editorial Services

 Basic Copyediting: 5-10ms pgs  $30-$40/hr

 Heavy Copyediting: 2-5ms pgs  $40-$50/hr

 Developmental editing: 1-5 pgs $45-55/hr

 Website Copyediting: $40-50/hr

 Manuscript Editing:   $80 per hr

 Proofreading/editing: $40 per hr

Online Press Release
 Basic-        $100 per news release
 Standard-   $160 per news release
 Advanced- $250 per news release

Premium- $370 per release


 Business Plan:   $450                                                                                      
 Marketing Plan: $250        
 Business Plan and Marketing Plan package: $650 (For a limited time only)
 Resumes: $50 for professional resumes and $35 for a general resume 
 Cover Letters: $25
 Grant Writing, RFP Writing, Proposal Writings: (Call for consultation)
 Newsletters: $400, Call for consultation 
 Website/Blog Content Writing: (Call for consultation)                                                                          Digital Press Release Writing: $50-$60/hr

Specialty Services

 Compiled Mailing List
 National: $15,000-$50,000
 Regional: Call for prices

    *Consultation fee may apply for select services*

    *New prices in effect as of January 2014

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    Contact IWRITE by phone at: (803) 563-8443 for a consultation. 

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