Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gigantic Grant Writing Services Discount You Don't Want to Miss!

 Gigantic Grant Writing Services Discount You Don't Want to Miss!

Here's chance to win a huge discount on our grant writing services for the New Year for a limited time only! Just call us on January 27, 2015 at 10am until we get 5 people to sign up. Call us at (803) 563-8443 and you may win a chance to get grant writing services at a $500 discount from our regular price*. All you have to do is call and be one of the first 5 callers to WIN and be approved.**

*Callers who contact us after the first 5 callers have been selected, can receive grant writing services at regular price. Please check out website for pricing at http://IWRITECo.com/

**All winners of (1) grant writing service must be:

1) A non profit organization located in South Carolina only with approved documents to proof 501(c) 3 status.

2) Must be able to start, meet and pay for discounted services within 48 hours of contact. No exceptions!

3) *Payment for our services are made in cash only in person or via Paypal. Paypal payments include tax.

4) Sign a contract with IWRITE & Company.

We do services over the phone and via email for our clients who are out of state or too busy to meet us.


Monday, January 26, 2015

IWRITE Grant writing Info and Call-in Event EVERY Tue-Fri

IWRITE Grant writing Info and Call-in Event EVERY Tue-Thurs

We are offering you an opportunity to help get your organization or non-profit FREE GRANT MONEY through our grant writing services and if your organization would like to become an 501(c)3. At this call-in event, we will be accepting inquiries about your organization, what you need assistance for and how we can help you get funded. Our grant writing event is EVERY Tuesday thru Friday and the hours to call in will be from 10am-4pm at (803) 563-8443.

Just call in at the time and dates listed below and ask questions and get signed up to have of help you get grants or file 501c3 status for your organization. 

Remember CALL us 

EVERY Tuesday - Thursday (or any day from Monday - Saturday)

from 10am-4pm

Join on our Facebook page by going to this link:  HERE

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IWRITE Business Plan Event Going on NOW!

 IWRITE Business Plan Event Going On NOW!

It's business plan season where everyone is focusing on taking their company or new business to the next level.

 If you need a business plan, contact us to schedule a consultation. (803) 563-8443.

Also check out our new website for our new services at http://IWRITECo.com/

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Have Your Unpublished Book Edited by Profesionals

 Your Unpublished Book Needs to be Seen By the World

Do you have a manuscript stored away and you never finished it? Maybe you have completed it but never had it prepared for publishing? 

Well, we can help you get motivated again by copy editing it for you so you can get it published. 

It's a New Year! 

Get your manuscript out, dust it off and let IWRITE do the rest. 

Make this your year to become a published writer! 

Contact us today at (803) 563-8443

Friday, January 23, 2015




If you call us on the January 26, 2015 from 10am to 11am EST at (803) 563-8443, you may win a chance to get one FREE resume service* with us. All you have to do is call, be the first caller to WIN.**

*Callers who contact us after the first caller has been selected, can receive resume services at regular price ($50)

**The winner of (1) resume service must purchase a cover letter to receive a FREE resume. (Cover letters are only $25)

*Payment for our services are made via Paypal or cash only in person.

We do services over the phone and via email for our clients who can not meet us.


We service all U.S. cities and states:

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Can Help You Get Investors or Funding for your Business

We Can Help You Get Investors or Funding for your Business

This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to make some waves and move forward in their dreams of owning or starting a business.

It only takes one decision to make when it comes to starting a business: You have to take the proper steps to achieve your business goals and get started on the right note.

In order to do so, you must have a business plan. You can't get funding or any investor to even listen to your ideas unless you have a business plan ready in hand. It's just that simple. IWRITE professionals can help you develop a professional business plan that will get grant writers, banks and investors to notice your business ideas and want to help you get it off the ground, financially.

IWRITE offers professional business plan writing services in which our team of consultants work hand-in-hand with you to understand your business, provide you insights, and ensure you get the business plan you need.

If you want to be ready to take the first crucial step, then you have to come to the table correctly with a carefully crafted business plan that conveys your start up's vision as well as your business needs.

So, contact an IWRITE professional to get your business plan so you can be equipped with the tools to take your start up business to the next level!

Call us at (803) 563- 8443

Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting your Business Running with the Right Services with IWRITE & Co.

Getting your Business Running with the Right Services with IWRITE & Co.

It's that time of the year folks! Everyone is thinking about how they can do one or more of the following to improve their business in the New Year:

1) Get their business started
2) Move their business in a new direction
3) Get consulting from professionals
4) Get business plans and marketing plans prepared for their business
5) Get a grant writer for their organization
6) Get marketing materials printed for their business

We are here to help you get one or more of these done for your business. It's all up to you and what you want for your business in this New Year!!

So how can we help you?  Contact an IWRITE professional TODAY?


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