Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Start Ups Will Fund Your College Education for FREE

Start Ups Will Fund Your College Education for FREE

How can anyone pass this up? Here's a company who has connections with start up businesses that want to pay you to go to college!  This is an awesome opportunity and they can't get it off the ground and successful if people don't come in and ask for the FREE assistance.
The founders of tech start-ups behind this revolutionary idea say they have already had success with their models, but they say there needs to be more momentum if their idea is to succeed.

"The 99% should be protesting college campuses," says Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford University artificial intelligence professor, who recently co-founded Udacity, a technology start-up dedicated to providing higher education at a very low cost.

With the average cost to attend a private university on the rise, more and more people, who have the intellectual capacity to excel at that level, are unable to afford it.

Thrun is helping to lead a new surge of Silicon Valley start-ups with the quest to "democratize education" or make advanced education available to all people. 
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