Friday, June 8, 2012

Resume Tips: What To Do If You Have Been Demoted

Job demotion

What To Do If You Have Been Demoted on Your Job

This is an important question to consider. Do you know how you will handle it and move forward? Take a look at the information below and get some insight.

Polish up your résumé and start looking for a new job.

Yes, in an ideal world, you should be training the new person while you are being trained for a higher-level job. That clearly isn't happening here.
There is some reason the boss wants this person in your job. Perhaps these are good reasons, perhaps not. Often we are the worst evaluators of our own performance. Everyone thinks they are above average and doing a fantastic job.

Bosses hate to give negative feedback but one day it could happen. The next time you look around, they tell you, you are demoted.

Without giving it much though at first, make sure to stay positive. This may be a sign to move into a new company with a better future. Just remember that what seems like a negative blow to your ego and livelihood might be a blessing in disguise.

So, take the advice above. Get your resume updated by professionals that will have you ready for that next promising job

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