Friday, June 22, 2012

How Writing Down Your Thoughts Are Important To Achieve Goals

Writing on a daily basis can be beneficial to anyone. Lets admit, we all are guilty of going days, weeks, even months without writing. I'm not just talking about writing one or two words, but expressing your thoughts, ideas, and things that you would like to accomplish on paper. Often times we tend to become too busy to write, have more important things to do than to write, or we just don't write at all. It is very important that we take at least 5-15 minutes everyday to write.

Three specific reasons why it is so important to write down your thoughts, ideas, and the things you accomplish daily:

1.) Your thoughts are like specks of small pieces of gold that are found deep in the earth. Just think about it; your thoughts are full of precious imagery and imagination, that produces into an idea. The similarity of gold and writing your thoughts down is this: the earth represents your brain, and gold represents your thoughts. So, if your thoughts are like gold, why don't you cherish it as that?

2.)Your idea set the stage for your success. Anytime your mind produces a thought, that thought eventually turns into an idea,which enfolds into a process called, "Planting a Seed."

3.) Your accomplishments become noticeable. Your accomplishments allows you to appreciate the steps taken forward, even when you may not realize that you have taken those steps. Afterwards, those steps become milestones which you can allow yourself to look back on to see how far you have come in your journey.

"Write because after a while those things we don't acknowledge will be forgotten." -IWRITE, Ltd Co.


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