Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Make Writing a Fun Activity Without Frustration and Pressure

Can writing be a fun activity? Sure it can. The article below explains why and how writing can, and should be fun. Enjoy!

Writing for fun is overlooked and under-appreciated. Writing is portrayed as a serious subject. Writers whinge and whine about the torment of their profession. It’s purveyed as a mystical process where writers wrack their hearts and souls for each precious word.

Visions of dark, lonely towers, bleary eyes and endless cups of coffee abound. Authors talk of their years struggling, alone, with snow blowing from cracked windowpanes onto their keyboards, nobody else in the world understanding their turmoil, pounding away until bolts of genius strike and a perfectly-formed story springs into existence.

This image makes sense. I’m sure you’ve experienced frustration when you’ve been trying to get a piece finished. Or polished. Or even started. Writing can be hard. Challenging. Frustrating. Because writing can be so difficult – analogies to labour are common – the presumption arises that this is the way it is meant to be. And, without a countervailing voice, that presumption becomes the status quo. Beginning writers walk into this field of shared expectations, and believe that writing is going to be difficult, arduous and draining.

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