Friday, May 4, 2012

Four Ways To Properly Write A Resignation Letter

About a week ago, we asked a question on our Facebook Page, "what's a proper way of writing a resignation letter to your employer"? Resignation letters can be short, and straight to the point. And they can also be long-winded. Here's a few tips on what you should include while writing a resignation letter.

1.) Remain cohesive in your letter. There's nothing more irritating than reading a resignation letter that's "foggy", and misinterpreted. Be as clear and focus as possible, and remain on point.

2.) Use correct word usage. Beware of fragments, and misspell words.

3.) It's okay to announce how appreciative you were while being employed with the employer. Businesses want feedback. Rather its positive or negative, companies want to know how they can "retain" their workers.

4.) And lastly, say "Thank You". Thank the employer for the opportunity of employment.


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