Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 Tips on How to Run a Successful Non Profit Organization

How to Run a Successful Non Profit Organizations (10 Tips)

If you want to be successful and helpful at the causes that matter to you, you have to ensure that your non-profit organization have three attributes:

  • It must be effective
  • It must be efficient and 
  • It must achieve its goals

While keeping those in mind, here are ten revised tips to making it happen:

1. Have a clear vision, mission statement, theory of change, and performance metrics.
If you can't clearly define (in eight words or less) the outcome you want to create for the world, you aren't focused enough. Once you have your goal, your organization needs to be very clear regarding how you will specifically achieve your goals. (Get help filing for 501(c) 3 and grant proposal writing with us.)

2. Say "NO" to every good idea.
There is never enough time, talent or "treasure" (i.e. money) to do everything that any organization wants to do. While you want to be flexible and opportunistic in bringing new ideas forward, the most important tool in your tool chest is the word "no." It is critical to be disciplined enough to only say "yes" to GREAT ideas.

3. Perfection is the enemy of the "good enough."
Once you are implementing your focused "great ideas," don't let your desire for perfection stand in the way of achieving solid performance metrics. Good results on a great plan are always faster, more efficient and effective than perfection. Perfection is too slow to achieve in a rapid 24/7 environment.

4. Work backwards from the finish line.
Determine the goal you want to achieve, and then work your plan and timeline backwards from your goal. If you can't get to your finish line of victory (however you define it) with the time, talent and treasure you have, go back to the drawing board and re-do your plan.

To read the full report on all 10 tips, go here.


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