Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gigantic Grant Writing Services Discount You Don't Want to Miss!

 Gigantic Grant Writing Services Discount You Don't Want to Miss!

Here's chance to win a huge discount on our grant writing services for the New Year for a limited time only! Just call us on January 27, 2015 at 10am until we get 5 people to sign up. Call us at (803) 563-8443 and you may win a chance to get grant writing services at a $500 discount from our regular price*. All you have to do is call and be one of the first 5 callers to WIN and be approved.**

*Callers who contact us after the first 5 callers have been selected, can receive grant writing services at regular price. Please check out website for pricing at http://IWRITECo.com/

**All winners of (1) grant writing service must be:

1) A non profit organization located in South Carolina only with approved documents to proof 501(c) 3 status.

2) Must be able to start, meet and pay for discounted services within 48 hours of contact. No exceptions!

3) *Payment for our services are made in cash only in person or via Paypal. Paypal payments include tax.

4) Sign a contract with IWRITE & Company.

We do services over the phone and via email for our clients who are out of state or too busy to meet us.



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