Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is Your Business Website Bringing in New Customers?

 Does Your Business Website Need Some Promoting?

There's one thing that will get your business website standing out from the rest and that would be: web promoting. 

Even today, many people do not spend enough time or use resources on promoting their business websites.

It's very easy to build and have your website or blog online but if it is not promoted properly, than not many people will know it exists.  

There is one advantage in getting some traffic to your website and that is through your current clientele or customers. Nonetheless, your clientele are still not enough to really tap into the thousands of people who want or need your product or service. 

This is where we come in. IWRITE are experts at promoting your website or blog. We know first hand the essentials to getting hundreds and thousands of people in front of your website. The internet is proven to be the next best resource to getting more people interested in your business.

Here's some of the services we offer to kick your website promotion into gear:

  • Web promoting- (website optimization)
  • Webmaster services- (optimization, monetization, webmastering services) 
  • Web hosting services- (weekly maintenance)
 Also, these following services add value and presence to your website while giving it the attention it needs to bring you in more revenue:

  *Site membership and registration
  *Forums or chat rooms
  *News feeds of both your content (outgoing) and adding content to the site (incoming)
  *Contact forms and surveys

  *Email addresses for the domain and auto-responders
  *Advertising integration (such as with AdSense)
  *Photo gallery
  *Ecommerce: shopping carts, catalogs, payment processing

  *Metrics: custom web reports, Google analytics, etc.
  *SEO: page optimization, submission to search engines, etc.
  *Social media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Contact us about getting your website noticed and reaching more customers?


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