Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holiday Job Hiring is Booming While Job Cuts Happening Across America

Holiday Hiring going on now!!

Holiday Job Hiring is Booming While Job Cuts Happening Across America

The Bad News: We are still concerned about the job cuts going on in America. The government and others are downplaying the recession rumors but our economy is still struggling and this includes many companies and corporations like Staples, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.

The Good News: While there are still many companies struggling in this economy, we need to stay positive and look to brighter things. The holidays will soon be upon us and retailers are hiring now!
According to reports, retailers are getting ready and anticipating a booming holiday shopping season.

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So, they are starting early with their seasonal job hiring with over 700,000 jobs up for grabs.
Here are some retailers who are accepting applications now:
  • Kohl's plans to hire more than 52,000 workers
  • Walmart will add about 50,000 temporary positions nationwide
  • Target is expected to add as many as 90,000
  • Toys R Us is gearing up by hiring 45,000 seasonal workers nationwide
  • Macy's to hire 80000 temporary holiday staffers
  • UPS hiring Seasonal Delivery Drivers
  • Advance Auto Parts
So, let's keep positive and upbeat. There is a bright future for us all if we stay encouraged and reach for our goals. Get your resume polished so you can stand out from the crowd!



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